If you are reading this, you probably understand the importance and urgency of a sustainable development. However, as with any other relatively new discipline, new knowledge is being created in sustainability, everyday. It is impractical to expect that you have the time, resources and mental space, especially after a day of hard work, to research and keep up with these new developments. Furthermore, we understand that not everyone can afford to spend tens of thousands of euros, or 2 years of their time in doing a Masters in sustainability. 

That is why we bring our expertise in working on these new topics like circular economy, blockchain, regenerative agriculture, machine learning and artificial intelligence, internet of things, cradle-to-cradle etc. We explore these topics in detail and provide a balanced analysis of the positives and negatives of each issue we discuss. 

So whether you are a professional looking to implement some of these concepts at your company, or just a responsible citizen that wants to stay updated and do their part, 'Sustainability Talks' are just what you need. Come check out it out and leave inspired with ideas on how you can walk the talk!

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Lecture 1 - Future of sustainability: blockchain and bitcoin - I, II & III


Keep hearing about how you could have doubled your money if you had invested in Bitcoin just a few days / weeks / months ago? Want a better grasp of how blockchain works? Curious about how all of this affects sustainability? What are the environmental costs of blockchain? What are the potential benefits?

Green Insights, in collaboration with Impact Hub Amsterdam is hosting a Masterclass on the mechanics and sustainability implications of this promising new technology. We bring our expertise in tech and sustainability consulting to help you understand blockchain + sustainability better, and answer any questions you may have on it. So next time you find yourself evaluating a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for whatever reason, you'll be much better informed!

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