Here's a small teaser of the companies and startups we've helped over the years


Moyee FairChain™ Coffee is building a social enterprise that will provide a way out of development aid by roasting beans in the country of origin.

Moyee coffee - impact measurement and management

How can we go beyond 'Fair Trade' and actually make a difference in the lives of our coffee producers? With this in mind, Moyee is boldly testing uncharted waters in order to achieve true economic sustainability for its coffee growers. How? By going "Fair Chain" - i.e. equally splitting the final value of coffee sold between coffee producing and consuming countries. By moving parts of the value chain to the coffee producing countries, Moyee aims to generate more value in these countries and lift them out of poverty. We developed Moyee Coffee's first ever Impact Report and performed a Fair Chain Assessment to help them achieve their goals.

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hvc groep - circularity assessment

The concept of circular economy is often discussed in macro-economic terms. While this is a good starting point, true circularity in any system can only be achieved if change is induced at the consumer level. For the first time ever, Green Insights looked at Dutch households from the lens of circularity to understand where they stand today, and how a waste management company like HVC could propel a transition to ideal circularity.

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Storypix is a new form of exhibition storytelling

storypix - prototype development

As a startup, Storypix really had to test out its concept and get it validated by customers. We developed a prototype (web app) for them so they could do just that.

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impact hub amsterdam - website UX design

With rapid growth in popularity and size, Impact Hub needed to redesign their website in order to capture and convert more of the incoming traffic to desired actions. Green Insights helped Impact Hub Amsterdam redesign the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of its website. This helped improve the experience for its online traffic, ultimately improving its conversion rate.

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Mark Kauw.jpg
Green Insights and Moyee Coffee teamed up to produce our first Impact Report. Green Insights’ contribution was invaluable - they were able to process all the raw data into workable impact numbers. By doing that, they lay the foundations of Moyee’s current impact reporting.
— Mark Kauw, Impact Officer, Moyee Coffee

Ajay is a super passionate leader on sustainability. He is constantly searching for innovative ideas to drive both economic and sustainable performance results that meet goals. He is a go-getter and can transform any project into results. He also is a super positive person with a can-do attitude that inspires and motivates everyone around him. If you have a project that needs hard hitting results, he is the one you want.
— Erin Fitzgerald Sexson, SVP - Global Sustainability, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy

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