Our Mission

Our Mantra: Don't be sustainable because you  have  to, do it because it is just better for business.

Our Mantra: Don't be sustainable because you have to, do it because it is just better for business.


That is why, our first and foremost mission is to support businesses on their sustainability journeys by helping them internalize, and integrate it into their core business strategy and operations.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we also feel passionate about helping startups take their innovative ideas from concept to commercialization.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
— Ancient Indian Proverb

our story

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how it all started


It was the year 2005. I had just started college. As a teenager in India studying engineering, it was not exactly easy to get a grip on the world's most urgent problems like climate change, in spite of actively living though its consequences. Constant power cuts and regular water shortages were part and parcel of daily life - and the sad part was that society had come to accept it and live with it. There was no real awareness of issues. No desire to change. No hope.

Then came Al Gore's iconic documentary' - The Inconvenient Truth'... it changed everything. I started questioning my choice in education, my future plans and my entire purpose in life. It filled me with a sense of urgency to change the status quo. As soon as I finished college, I packed my bags immediately and left for the U.S. to do a Masters in Sustainable Systems. I applied what I learned there, all over the world - from companies in India and non-profits in Kenya, to massive corporations and trade associations in the U.S. I finally moved to Europe to work with businesses here and manage their impact.

With a strong set of mentors, and like-minded people that are experts in their own right, I started Green Insights to work with businesses and governments, and make sustainability work for them.

- Ajay Varadharajan, CEO - Green Insights