you can't manage what you can't measure


What is the environmental, social, and economic impact of your organization?


Using our impact measurement and management framework, we help you assess your organization’s impact, scale your positive impact, and communicate the results with your stakeholders and customers.


Green Insights Impact Measurement & Management Framework

Business case of sustainability.png

Step 1: Understand the core values of your organization

What are our company’s core principles and values? What should we keep in consideration as we develop our impact management plan?

Step 2: Materiality Assessment

What does sustainability mean for my organization? What issues should I focus on?

Step 3: prioritize key impact issues

What issues are a priority? Are there issues that need immediate attention?

Step 4: Impact measurement                                   

How do I measure life-cycle sustainability impacts?

Step 5: Benchmarking

I see my organization’s impact, but what does it mean? Are we performing well? How does it fare with respect to others in my industry?

Step 6: Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve? What are your ambitions?

Step 7: Strategy Roadmap

How do I gain competitive advantage through a sustainable business strategy?